PINGMD Understands That Your Data Security is A Priority

PINGMD, Inc ("PINGMD or "pingmd" is committed to helping patients, healthcare professionals and their institution, to enable providers the ability to deliver the highest quality of service to patients, which includes respecting patients rights to maintain the privacy of their health information. PINGMD's HIPAA policies are designed to ensure the appropriate security of all patient health information across the environment, in compliance with the law. Information Security and complying with HIPAA and HITECH is an integral part of our business operation. Consequently, PINGMD has established a program of sufficient rigor to address it's own compliance requirements while also meeting the expectations of it's customers.

Security is important to you and our top priority. At PINGMD we are very confident that we have industry leading security in place. This has been confirmed by third-party experts and many of the most security minded organizations in the world, who are our clients.

To maintain the highest level of security, a collection of safeguards is required. Our security strategy centers on securing the physical locations that house our servers, strong access controls into our systems, protecting protected health information data from malicious accidental losses, and preventing unauthorized access to the PINGMD platform.

We monitor with vigilance the platform performance, perform vulnerability assessments and review and optimize infrastructure, application security, and overall security policies, practices, and controls with multiple audits. We encrypt our data, review policies and procedures of hosting, host databases in silos behind a tiered firewall infrastructure and also ensure data loss prevention systems. We maintain internal and external processes to secure environments of product development and deployment and manage the potential for malware or virus infections.

We recognize as a critical element to the safe delivery of healthcare, privacy and security is a top priority to our providers and patients. PINGMD Inc, promotes a security conscious culture, and is dedicated to maintaining a compliant security environment to protect our customers health information.

For further information, please contact PINGMD at info@pingmd.com