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"[T]he app eliminates much of the time-consuming hassle between doctors and their patients — especially those frustrating games of telephone tag."
"this instant link between patients and their own doctors will drastically decrease the amount of time and money ... wasted within the health world."
"...Pingmd is designed to let pediatricians and other doctors quickly ask "targeted questions" about patient health, with them quickly contributing photos and video"
"...hundreds of physicians in numerous specialties are using the app to simplify the communication process."
"For patients, it provides a way to quickly share information with doctors (including relevant pictures and video)..."
"[Pingmd] enhances communication between physicians and patients, between physicians themselves, and from physicians to nurses or staff. [It] enables all members of a patient’s healthcare team to discuss or evaluate a case in a collaborative manner."
"If Fathom designed an app, this would be it. I foresee large hospital systems and small private practices signing up in the near future."
"...healthcare providers can use the app to be in instant contact with one another via text messaging, for those invaluable curbside consults or referrals that result in enhanced patient care."
"Send photos, videos, and descriptions of your symptoms directly to your doctor's phone, bypassing waiting rooms and phone tag."
"PINGMD is a platform where users can see all the [secure] messages sent back and forth for a single issue, it helps avoid broken workflows between providers and reduces the risk of miscommunication and medical errors"
"[pingmd] serves as an easy way to communicate with patients and colleagues; and for patients and their families, the app serves as a direct connection to all of the family's doctors..."
"Through PingMD, doctors can enable patients to securely message them with text, as well as relevant pictures and video, and they can easily loop in other doctors and nurses in their practices as well as other specialists."
"... this week I stumbled across a true winner in the healthcare app world. PingMD, an app that facilitates patient-provider texting offers real value to NPs."