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We're donating our technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PINGMD is available for use by new providers at no charge during the current COVID-19 pandemic, until July 1, 2020.

The practice of medicine is complex.
We make the delivery simple.
pingmd is a digital care platform connecting your practice and your patients on a stable and secure cloud-based architecture

Streamline Teamwork

HIPAA-compliant pingmd works
on everyone’s personal device
Sharable video, audio, image and digital note-taking with EMR integration assists diagnosis and treatment in seconds pingmd creates a secure, frictionless network for your practice to collaborate
Engage Patients
Incredibly easy to use, pingmd elevates the patient experience by improving communication and clarifying information.
No more phone tag or incomplete messages; structured checklists deliver timely, actionable data from patients directly to your team.
Deliver More Care
Time savings + increase in referrals
+ streamlined patient interactions
= quantifiable revenue growth

We became doctors to make people better.
We built pingmd to improve the experience
of providing care.
Gopal Chopra MD, Founder
Manju Chopra MD, Co-Founder
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Press & News


"Pingmd is building the conversation pathway of the future for healthcare by removing the clutter and inefficiency of multiple tools, complex logins and irrelevant data. PINGMD will forge the new pathways for new models of care delivery and transactions."
APR 8, 2015

"With so many disruptors in the market including the freedom of access to one’s own health data and the data of the healthcare providers, healthcare is moving toward a consumerism model. Those that recognize this have taken on the payer mentality of risk management and hence designed more cost efficient, lean and higher touch interventional models of care delivery, focused on the greater care of the consumer."
APR 1, 2015

"Telemedicine and telehealth apps are dramatically making healthcare more convenient, less expensive, more preventative, and in many cases downright better. And PC Mag has listed pingmd as one of the top 10 apps doing just that - changing healthcare."
FEB 11, 2015

"This instant link between patients and their own doctors will drastically decrease the amount of time and money ... wasted within the health world."
JAN 23, 2015

“It brings your relationship with the patient closer because the patient leaves your office with the feeling that they have access to you,“ she says. “It's easier. They don't have to go through a secretary, and they don't have to end up in the ER because they couldn't get an answer from thei doctor. That's very important in a patient-doctor relationship. I think that's the best part of PingMD.“
DEC 30, 2013

"The app eliminates much of the time- consuming hassle between doctors and their patients - especially those frustrating games of telephone tag."
DEC 28, 2013

“PingMD is a very easy to use communication solution that allows a patient to reach their own doctor,“ Chopra said. “The patient can actually put in picture and video to simplify and make it quick for the doctor to know what's going on and respons to them.“
JUNE 19, 2013

"Pingmd is designed to let pediatricians and other doctors quickly ask "targeted questions" about patients health, with them quickly contributing photos & video"
MAY 2, 2013


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